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Why Build With SIPs

Why Build with structural Insulated Panels (Sips)

Better insulation and a mininum of air infiltration results in more even temperatures over the entire living space. You will notice a comfortable feeling when you enter a SIP built Home.  Less air leakage results in fewer drafts, less dust, and a  healthier place to live for your entire family. 
Sip Built houses have proven structurally superior in real world disasters. Sip houses have survived earthquakes and
hurricanes when stick-built houses around them were destroyed.

Lower Heating/Cooling Cost:
Thermal test made by Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge Tennessee show that a 3-1/2 inch core SIP wall pre-
formed 31% better than a conventional wall framed with 2x4s on 16 inch centers and insulated with fiberglass. Also air leakage is much easier to avoid when building with SIPs. This is a major advantage over a stick built house. 

Faster Erection:
Ready-to-install wall and roof assemblies allow sip buildings to be dried-in much quicker than conventional framed buildings. This can be a welcome benefit especially during bad weather. 

Competitive Building Cost:
The difference in cost of sip built verses conventional built houses can vary widely. However in general, if the house is designed to take advantage of the unique benefits of sips, the finished cost can be about the same, or in some cases even less.

Design Flexibility:
The spanning capabilities with sips allow vaulted ceilings more readily than stick framing. Valted ceilings give a more spacious feeling that is a most welcomed feature for many people. Also this extra living space is just plain healthier that a typical eight foot ceiling.

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