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Do It Yourself

Do It yourself 

If you are interested in building your own SIP house, or adding a room to your existing one, ABP is your friend. We sell 4-1/2" and 6-1/2" thick x 4ft wide x 8ft long SIP panels suitable for erection by just about anyone. No special lifting equipment is required. Each panel weights a little over 100 lb's. These panels are mostly used for SIP walls. We also sell larger panels, but because of thieir weight, it is impractcal to handle them by hand. A telecoping forklift or boom truck is needed to handle these.

The price, at this time, (01-06-2013) for a 4-1/2" thick 4'x8' panel is $95.50, plus tax. This same panel except 6-1/2" thick is $112.00, plus tax. 

Contact ABP for more details. We can help you with real life details that will make your D0-It-Yourself  project go as smooth as possable.

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