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Emory Texas
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About ABP

Oren Northcutt , President of Accurate Building Products, Inc was born and raised in Emory, Texas. He has always been interested in all aspects of energy efficient construction. Oren designed his first house at the age of 18.  And with the help of his Father, built the house, to this design. The house was located on highway 19 just south of Emory, Texas.

Many years and several houses and commerical building later, in early 2008, Oren founded Accurate Building Products, Inc for the purposes of manufacturing Structural Insulated Panels. The strength and superior insulating qualities of SIP panels prompted his interest to the point of starting this new business.

The building pictured above was designed for use as an office and demo of a small house. It was constructed with SIPs made in the new panel manufacturing plant in the background. Even though it is actually an office it could have been a nice house with a just few changes. This office is only 1300 square feet, however it could have been just about any size a person might want.

SIPs are commonly used in office buildings, multi story apartments, and even manufacturing plants that are heated and air conditioned.  An example or the difference in the cost of heating and cooling our two main manufacturing buildings here at ABP is as follows; Building one is a typical metal building insulated with fiberglass. Building two is idenical in size but made from our own SIPs. Both buildings have 4,800 sq ft of floor with 12' side walls 3/12 pitch clear span roof. Windows and doors are about the same in both buildings. Building one is heated with propane heaters and cooled with three 24,000 (2 ton) window units. Building two (built with SIPs) is heated and cooled with one 24,000 btu combonation heat pump/air conditioner. The cost of conditioning the SIp building is less than on third of the metal building. And the SIP building is much more comfortable thru-out the building.

If you are interested in building your own SIP house, you are at the right place. Click on the Do-It-Yourself page above to learn how ABP can help you get started.
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